TINA MANCINI's Detailed Resume:

IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm7491482/

Voice: Soprano (low F to High F)

Eyes: Hazel

Weight: 125 lbs

Height: 5’3” 


La Dolce Vita En Exil (Maria Giannina)      La Cache, Mtl., + CASA ITALIA, Mtl.

Phantom                       (Carlotta)      The Fireside

 Lies My Father Told Me  (Ensemble)    Baruch Performing Arts Center ((Off-Broadway, NYC)

Into the Woods  (Witch)      Circle in the Square Theatre (PW)

 A Midsummer Night’s Dream  (Puck)       Circle in the Square Theatre (PW)

La Dolce Vita En Exil (Maria Giannina)  Festival Avignon Off

 Edmund Ironside (Reading) (Egina/ Two Pledges)   Instant Shakespeare Company

Timon of Athens (Reading) (Ventidius/ Sempronius/ Messenger)  Instant Shakespeare Company

 Merton Of the Movies  (Flips)     Calixa Lavalé (CETM)

Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche (Lulie)      Village Scene Theatre, Fringe Montreal

 My Big Gay Italian Wedding  (Maria)     Village Scene Theatre

The Seagull  (Arkadina)      Circle in the Square Theatre Studio

 Ma Femme, Ma Blonde et Ma Roulotte   (Lin)    New York Musical Theatre Festival

 Great American Trailer Park Musical   (Lin)    CETM, Montreal

 The Last Days of Judas Iscariot(Reading)   (Mother Teresa)     Manhattan Theatre Club

 Waiting For Lefty   (Ensemble)      Circle in the Square Theatre (PW)

 Titus Andronicus   (Greek Chorus)          American Theatre of Actors 

Bastard Blood (Pippa Chaucer/ Peggy Beaufort)   Sybilline Productions

 Le Pays du Sourire   (Princess Mi)    Productions Coracole, Montreal

 Yeomen of the Guard   (Phoebe)         Montreal West Operatic Society

The Screams of Kitty Genovese (Eng. & French workshop)   (Kitty)           CETM, Montreal

 Pirates of Penzance (Yiddish)    (Haddassah)           Segal Center, Montreal

 Lies My Father Told Me   (Ensemble)   Segal Center, Montreal

Wandering Minstrel   (Soloist, Dancer)      YM-YWHA, Montreal

Mission Implausible   (Minion the Guard)    Becket Players, Montreal

A Little Off The Top   (Fibi)   Becket Players, Montreal

Dogs   (Green Dog Max)  Becket Players, Montreal

Raiders of the Temple of Boom   (Ann  Becket Players, Montreal

Secrets of the Rich and Famous   (Sal)   Becket Players, Montreal

Seasons Off Broadway   (Priscilla)   Becket Players, Montreal



Medical Student Training       Simulated patient        Faculty of Medicine UdeM.




Hidden In Plain Sight (Virtual Reality)  Supporting     Open Mind 360 

Samaritan (short)         Lead                      Jay Reid Productions

Nice to Meet You (short)      Lead               Azadeh Nikzadeh Films

The Dream-maker         Supporting             Joseph Rossi

Knight Rising                Supporting              Pelicula Films

Space On The Corner                  Supporting       Sunset Productions

Death of Mr. Morrison (Short)      Supporting        Alex Pop

Il Secondo Atto (Short)               Supporting       Joseph Rossi 



Bank Training Videos For Managers . (Teleprompter) 5 sur5 Communication Marketing


Kells Academy        Supporting       Goliath Productions

iBwave (online usage)   Supporting  BlackBox Productions   


Kells Academy (In House usage)   Lead        Kells Productions

Kells Academy (Phone  Voice system)

Boric Life (Commercial) . Metro Creative Productions



Le Spotlight      (Winner)         CETM, Montreal’s annual musical theatre challenge

Superfantastico (Finalist)    CFMB -Italian Radio Montréal

Montreal Italian Festival (Soloist)    Semane italienne de Montreal


Sketch of New York                Producers Club

UCB Improv 101


CIRCLE IN THE SQUARE THEATRE SCHOOL, Professional Musical Theatre Workshop, 2013:

Acting (Alan Langdon, Larry Gleason, Gregory Abels); Shakespeare (Edward Berkeley, Sybil Lines); Singing /Interpretation (Beth Falcone, Sara Louise Lazarus, Kryste Andrews);  Physical Acting (Danyon Davis, Ken Schatz); Dance (Jeanne Slater, Justin Boccitto); Mask (Mina Yakim); Voice (Dr. Lucille Rubin, Andrea Haring, Liz Eckert);  Clown/Improv ( Dr. Nancy Smithner);  Speech  (Elizabeth Loughran, Maggie Surovell); Technique (Terese Hayden, Jacqueline Brookes, Jacqueline Jacobus) ; Stage Combat ( B.H. Barry, Dan Renkin); Text Analysis (Larry Gleason); Audition Interview (Kimberly Vaughn, Penelope Brackett); Alexander  (Daniel Singer) ; Music Theory  (Shahla Atlas) 

Acting for the Camera Master Class, Jean-Pierre Bergeron, Montreal

Acting for the Camera, Maury Ginsberg, New York

Bel Canto, Suzanne Robertson, Montreal                                                                             

Accademia Internazionale di Musica di Roma, diploma in Musica Lirica, Rome, Italy

McGill University (Music Theory & Ear Training)

Concordia University, Drama in Education classes

Montreal School of Performing Arts (Acting Workshops)

Sergine Dumais, Robert Marien (Musical Theatre Song Interpretation Workshop)

Mask & Le Jeu Workshop, Sonia Norris, Toronto 

Shakespeare For the Loins, Sybil Lines, New York

Jazz Dance Factory, Montreal (Ballet Jazz)

DJ Entertainment, Studio 2720, Montreal (Ballroom: Waltz, Swing, American Tango, Latin)

Audition Interview Dynamite, Kimberly Vaughn & Penelope Bracket                                          


Languages: French & French Canadian (Fluent), Italian (Fluent),  Neapolitan (Fluent), Spanish (some), Accents: French, French Canadian, Italian (Neapolitan)/ Dialects: New York, British, Cockney, Irish, Southern/ Black Belt, Kenshin Karate Do/ Baton Twirling/ Soccer/Stage Combat/ Certified teacher, McGill University, B.Education/ Old woman (especially Italian grandmother)